Notable quotable: “The Universe offers you everything, but gives you nothing”.

Learn to be at rest in your own center and creatively live a healthy life. Chen Taiji classes offered on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Learn effective exercises for better health, improved clarity, strength and focus at Gold Mountain Kung Fu School.

Seminars and Workshops

Valerie offers seminars on site at your work or school location. These seminars can be personalized for your group.

Introduction is one to two hours
Half day seminars are three hours
Full day seminars are five to six hours.
Weekend seminars are ten to twelve hours.

Week seminars are available during the summer. Ongoing weekend classes offered.

For more information about other available seminars, use the contact form below.


Honoring Fukuda Sensei Demo at Mills College Oakland (November 8, 2009).
ST 09 Piqua Demo at Oberlin College (July 10, 2009).
Workshop sample videos

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