Cupping is an ancient technique used to stimulate and clear Qi/Blood along the same meridians used in acupuncture and acupressure. The practitioner uses a flame to create a vacuum inside a heavy glass dome, or “cup,” then applies the cup to your back and other areas. The cups adhere to the skin through suction, drawing blood to the body’s external capillaries.

Using two or more cups at a time, the practitioner moves the cups along the body for a few minutes, sometimes resting on specific acupuncture points. Occasionally the suction created by the cups will leave mild redness or marking that usually disappears within 72 hours to a week. Cupping is particularly effective in improving circulation and clearing cold or flu congestion.

Herbal Support

Thousands of years of observation and experience by Chinese healers created the basic, classical formulas in which Dr. Valerie Lee is trained. Her 30 years of experience prescribing herbal formulas, have worked powerfully in conjunction to enhance, and support the treatment of each individual.

Valerie uses products that precisely follow the most current standards for Chinese herbal supplements. Recognizing the importance of carefully combining specific plant, mineral, and animal substances to achieve superior remedies, our predecessors used and tested these formulas for thousands of years, passing along records and formulations of the highest quality for our confident use today.


In Moxabustion, a dried herb called mugwort or “moxa” is burned on or near the skin to stimulate specific acupuncture points. The practitioner may light a stick of moxa and use it like a wand to warm various points, or may light moxa directly on specific acupuncture needles inserted in the body. For some conditions, moxa is burned on a fresh slice of ginger or on a mixture of garlic, salt, and herbs, which is applied to the skin. Moxa burns with a distinct odor that has a warming and relaxing effect.

Health Exercises

Chinese health exercises, when practiced consistently can massages internal organs, lubricate the joints and strengthen muscle, tendons, and bones. I may recommend health exercises for self-empowering care between treatments.