Awaken and enliven then mindful body with this Unifier Key. Symptoms on the left correlate with imbalances on the right.

Hair Thoughts
Head Consciousness
Face Appearance, Facing life and situations
Ears Paying attention, Listening
Nose Sense of self, smell
Mouth Nourishment, communication
Teeth Words, Beginning of understanding through communication
Neck Transforming ideas into action
Shoulders Embracing life, Carrying responsibilities and commitments
Skin Ego, Protective covering, Security
Hands Holding and handling life
Arms The power of action, Reaching out
Elbows Flexibility in transferring inner power to daily activities
Body The complete embodiment of self
Bones Strength, firmness
Left Feminine, intuitive, receiving
Right Masculine, logic, giving or doing
Front Future
Back Past
Hips Putting the power of self into action
Knees Flexibility in motives for bringing beliefs and understanding into action
Legs Motives, motivation
Feet Understandings